Monday, September 21, 2009

National Shrine Bascilica in Washington, DC

This was on the side of the walls- the roses lead the way to the Virgin. All mosaic art!
Our Lady of Guadalupe was in the middle of the mini shrine. Sooo beautiful!
While visiting my brother, Tom, in Washington, DC on Sunday, we toured the National Shrine. He said it is the fourth largest church in the world. I had been there once before, but visiting it again, I was more amazed than the first time. My favorite thing about the church were the mosaics-- which were everywhere- on the ceilings, floors, walls- basically, everywhere! The amount of work and skill that must have gone into making all those must have been massive. There were so many little shrines around the church, all with a different theme- mostly Mary themes. I found the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and of course, had to blog it! Unfortunately, my battery when dead after taking those pictures, so I wasn't able to take any more of our fun day. But it was a great day and I was so thankful to get to spend it with my brother.

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