Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Bead!

This bead looks much better in real life, and is about a half inch big.
I am always excited and nervous to create a new bead. This time I made a depiction of the Resurrection.  I was inspired by the stained glass windows at my church, St. Ignatius in Hickory, Maryland. Stained glass windows have always inspired me to create new designs because they usually are rich in Catholic symbolism.  Ever since I started going to St. Ignatius, I've wanted to create replicas of their stained glass windows.  A few weeks ago, I went to the church on a week day afternoon to take pictures of the windows.  A funeral was about to begin in about 20 minutes, but I had plenty of time to take pictures. So, I started taking photos, but I couldn't get the pictures to turn out. The sun was coming in too bright, blurring the images.  I sat down to try and sketch out a few designs, but my sketches were looking pretty pathetic. Then, an angel disguised as a man in an acolyte's garb with a long gray beard came up to me and without even asking me what I was doing, asked, "Do you need some help with that?"  "With what, drawing?," I asked confused. He said, "Wait here a minute. " He came back a moment later with an entire book of the history of the church and in it was a drawing of each stained glass window with an explanation! I was blown away! He said, "Here, have it." I thanked him, thanked God for that miracle, and walked out a very happy woman.

So, here is a photo of my new bead. I was very nervous because after spending a lot of time making it, you never know if the proportions are going to come out right, or the colors are going to be the same after baking. But I am happy that it turned out pretty well. 

Here is the bead meaning for it. I took it right from the book I got from my angel acolyte. The resurrection is depicted by the empty tomb, the rising sun of the early morning, the empty cross and the burial linens blowing in the breeze.

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Hi...I love your picture! Liam is getting so big!
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